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Blown -fiberglass

Blown Fiberglass

Loose fill blown fiberglass can be blown over attic ceilings creating a much more energy efficient and comfortable occupied space. This product can be applied in both residential and commercial structures. Blown fiberglass is an effective yet cost efficient solution to high energy bills. Blown fiberglass has a R-value of 2.4 per inch. Typically, we apply between 12 and 15 inches to an attic ceiling totaling R-30 to R-38 pending the needs of the structure and local government regulations. It is recommended that attics be re-blown with fiberglass every 10 to 12 years as the product settles over time. A decrease in R-value and affectivity with progression of life cycle is expected.


Radiant Barrier

Spray applied radiant barrier paint is applied to the underside of roof decking and gable walls in most cases. As long as there is a 2" air gap between the bottom side of the radiant barrier it will consistently deflect solar heat gain. By deflecting the radiant / solar heat at the roof deck we ensure a cooler attic assembly.

Typically, attic temperature should be close or below exterior temperature. It is also important to note, when applying radiant barrier, the existing fiberglass will be walked down by the installers. Every radiant barrier application should be followed with a fiberglass re-blow to ensure uniform R-Value at the ceiling of the attic assembly.